Nook Wireless Pro Controller

Nook Wireless Pro Controller

Whether you are gaming on a Nintendo Switch or PC, the type of controller you choose to use will significantly impact the overall experience you will get while gaming. Stogagame’s Nook Wireless Pro Controller is one of the best controllers for anyone looking for a reliable and relatively inexpensive controller. Stogagame is an authentic website for buying Switch controllers and other gaming accessories.


This controller has all the features that we often find on the high-end controllers made by Sony and Microsoft. In this article, I will share all the top features of the Nook Wireless Pro Controller and why it is one of the best pro-level controllers you can get for your Nintendo Switch or PC. Let’s dive in.

Features of the Nook Wireless Pro Controller

Battery capacity: 300mAh (up to 8 hours of playing time when fully charged)

Charging time: 2 hours via USB-C

Maximum receiving distance: 10m

Charging port: USB Type-C

Feedback: Duo motors vibration

Motion sensor: Built-in 6-axis somatosensory for precise speed, position, accurate control, and rapid start/stop motion.

Colors: Nook Brown, Sky Blue, Matcha Green, and Family pack.

Why I recommend this controller

  1. It is very comfortable the hand

Size and weight are the key factors that determine the comfort and convenience you get while using a controller. The Nook Wireless Pro Controller has a magical size and well-balanced weight that makes it fit in the hands of almost everyone. It is a 12.7cm/5inch by W9.5cm/3.74inch controller. The image below shows how it compares with the Nintendo Pro controller in terms of size.


  1. It has sufficient battery life

No one loves to get inconvenienced with charging their controller, especially if they are in the middle of an exciting game. Stogagame’s Nook Wireless Pro Controller ships with a 300mAh battery that lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. So, it is possible to use this controller for at least one day and then charge overnight.


  1. High-definition haptic feedback

While playing games, you need haptic feedback to give you the real-life feel of the game. Stogagame’s Nook Wireless Pro Controller has duo vibration motors that evenly distribute the vibration through both hands to create haptic feedback while playing games. The vibration intensity also depends on the level of impact in the game, so it is not constant.


  1. Adjustable turbo function

This unique feature on this controller is not even available on the official Nintendo Pro Controller. This feature makes it possible to trigger fast series of separate button presses. For instance, if you are playing a shooting game where the button fired once for every press, you can easily trigger rapid firing with the turbo button. The image below shows how this controller compared to Nintendo’s Pro controller


Final thoughts

All in all, Stogagame’s Nook Wireless Pro is a reliable controller for playing Switch and Pc games. This controller has all the top-notch features that we usually find in premium controllers. The good news is that Stogagame managed to keep this controller’s price relatively lower than most alternatives with similar specs.


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