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Points exchange

For every USD 1 spent, 5 points will be awarded.100 points equals 1 dollar

Up to 30% of the settlement amount can be deducted

How to check points

You can see the income details on the dashboard, and you can see the points on the shopping cart and checkout page.

Where to redeem points

Find and click on the checkout page”Redeem your Reward Points:” enter the points you own to redeem

Find “remove” next to “Redeemed Points Value” under “Subtotal” on the right side of the checkout page.

Points acquisition channel

Every product page has Twitter, ins, and facebook. After you find it, click on it and follow or post.

10 points each time

reward points

Click on the account dashboard to create a sharing link (the link expires in 1 day)

Recommended registration bonus points 50
It is recommended to register to buy 100 points

Registration rewards 100 point

Log in every day to automatically earn 20 points