STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4

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STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4

In the world of gaming controllers and gadgets, STOGA webshop is fast becoming a household. The company behind this online store is Shenzhen STOGA Technology Co., Ltd and it is fully determined to provide its customers with the best gaming products on the market. These products, no matter if they are gaming controllers or something else, are not just of the highest quality and best ergonomic and functional design, but also come with incredibly affordable prices. STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4 is a great example of this idea and it comes with a range of features and abilities which showcase the strong quality focus of the company behind it. Along with this, STOGA understands its customers’ needs and constantly works on making its products not just better in a practical sense but also more cool and fun to interact with. This is why the same Spider controller embodies the best elements of STOGA and this makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to purchase a PS4 controller that will provide them with all they need.


Basic Facts about STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4


The first thing that pops out about this control is its awesome design. The controller features comic book visuals that blend deep black and vibrant red, but with strong white elements as well. All of this gives it a sharp and crisp look. Besides, it includes a spider web design that blends into a very all-around and impressive visual design. This is something that gamers and comic book fans will enjoy in equal measure. In terms of functionality, STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4 is also providing a very diverse selection. It includes LED color breathing light, making any night gaming sessions a true joy. The LED lights are also very useful for novice gamers who are just getting used to the PS4 controller setup. The controller comes with a built-in anti-interference tech, making its Bluetooth wireless connections strong and durable.


That means that they come with no dropout or delay inside a circle of 8 meters. That distance easily conversely even the most spacious living rooms and similar locations. The controller is also driver-free and comes with an automatic connection feature. It possesses motion sensors that include a 3D acceleration sensor and a special G gyroscope sensor with six-axis sensing ability. All of this provides an unparalleled ability for the controller to sense position, speed, start-stop motion and so much more. Besides, this PS4 controller comes with dual vibration from two separate vibration motors and programming support that allows users to set up their combination of keys and action key setup. This way, the process of using the controller in different games can be just as engaging as the users want it to be. Lastly, the controller comes with a speaker, but also a 3.5mm jack for headphones. With those two options, players can choose the audio setup that works best for them.


Christmas STOGA Promotion


There should be no doubt that STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4 is a fantastic device. However, what is even more exciting is that during the Christmas period, STOGA is offering a 20% discount on all of its products. That includes the Spider controller – anyone interested should simply use the discount code of C20OFF and get an even better price for this awesome gaming periphery. That is an offer all PS4 gamers and those in a need of a PS4 controller should check out immediately.


Must-have PS4 Controller


The controllers on offer from STOGA are traditionally excellent products. However, STOGA Spider Wireless PS4 Controller really goes the distance and offers amazing products, especially using the ongoing Christmass 20% discount code. Anyone interested in this should check out STOGA on its official website, Facebook fan page, and Instagram. Simply put, their current offer for this PS4 controller is something all playstation fans need to check out!


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