STOGA Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch

Play your favourite Nitendo switch games like a pro with this officially licensed STOGA Nook Series Controller. Built for comfort during extreme gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller specs motion controls, standard ergonomic layout, and mappable advanced gaming buttons. Enjoy up to thirty hours of gameplay from internal rechargeable battery. Enjoy up to thirty hours of gameplay from internal rechargeable battery:
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: up to thirty hours per charge
  • Wireless controller with Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Two mappable advanced gaming buttons
  • Best ergonomics for hours of relax gaming
  • Embedded anti-friction rings for perfect thumbstick control
  • Low battery warning LED indicator
  • Classic intuitive Nintendo button layout
  • Wireless gaming controller officially licensed for Nintendo Switch lite and Nitendo lite
  • Includes 10ft (3m) USB-C charge cable
  • Two year-limited warranty – visit
The Nook Nitendo switch pro-controller is a premium product boasting semi-transparent casing and premium grips. It has the same buttons as the Nintendo switch in handheld mode and is made to be held and operated more simply than the Joy-Con controllers. The initial difference in the controls is that while the directional controls on the Joy-Con (L) are made up of different keys, the pro controller has a one plus control pad, similar to previous systems. Get a gaming edge Feature two mappable advanced gaming keys that you can program immediately mid-game. The Nook Wireless pro controller switch helps you take your gaming performance to fresh levels. Motion control Enjoy super easy intuitive motion controls for Nintendo switch. These responsive controls let you tilt right or lift to control your racing, your density and your game. Intuitive controller layout Get into the action with a controller that provides you a familiar intuitive key layout, and unparallel ergonomic layout. That means more playing and less learning. Game on and on Our new line up of Nook Nintendo switch controller have a rechargeable battery that delivers up to thirty hours of game time. It is true wireless freedom. For more detail contact HuiMin Jin and email We are based in SHENZHEN CHINA. Design & style Your eyes will feast on beautiful and colorful designs that bring your favorite games and characters of life. Designed by top-class artists, these controllers are so perfect; you may want to collect them all. Why choose Nook wireless pro controller for best performance If you are playing a game where any type of precision is needed, be it nailing a drift in Mario Kart or navigating a tricky platform section in Super Mario Odyssey, the Nook wireless pro controller leaves the Joy-Cons for dead. It is all about the analog sticks. They are bigger than the little ones on the Joy-Cons and much more relax under the thumb. They provide more resistance too. The face keys are raised shockingly high from the controller’s body and would have benefitted from sloping down or being rounded off at the sides a little. But despite the height of each key, responsiveness does not seem to be a problem at all and they are pretty quiet, mainly matched to some of the 3rd party controllers we have got our hands on. The wireless link to the switch is super reliable and easy. Once synced up you would not have to perform it again. Unlike some of the truly cheap Switch controller substitute out there which continually forget all about console between gameplay sessions and need plugging in again and again to resync. The built-in rechargeable battery in the Nook Wireless pro controller is seriously remarkable and lasts around forty hours between charges. It takes around 6 hours to completely charge when you do completely deplete it but seeing as you have a range of charging choices (plug it into the console, the portable or mains battery) it is more than fair. Question: Can you turn the switch on with the controller? Answer: Yes, you can turn the switch on with the game controller. Question: Is it normal for the controller to turn off after less than five minutes of not touching it? Answer: Five to ten minutes is a common amount of time for a controller to enter shutoff/sleep mode. It is to help save on battery life. Question: Is it compatible with personal computer or it is just for Nitendo switch? Answer:  Steam Big picture mode supports the Nintendo wireless pro controller for switch. Or you can use a program to emulator it as an Xbox controller. End words If you spend the big part of your time playing with your Nintendo switch in the dock, you will value a wired or good or wireless Nook Nintendo switch controllers. Our switch controllers provide a more traditional playing experience with big face buttons, bumpers for a relax grip, triggers, and along sticks for perfect navigation. Best for playing at home on the big display.

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