SW8581 8585 8580 Pro Controllers for Switch Activation Instruction

With the latest firmware upgrading of Switch, the Pro Controllers modes SW8581 8585 and 8580 are affected. You can follow this link to activate your above-mentioned devices. The estimated number of the affected third-party controllers is around 10 million pieces. Stoga branded controllers are merely affected since we use more advanced architectures.

Important Notice:

As the Switch Host updates the 12.0 version, it may cause the third-party controllers to fail to work. If your wireless pro controller cannot connect to the Switch host,  please follow the steps to update your Switch controller.


Step 1:  When the Nintendo Switch dock is worked on, turn on the Switch console, put it in the switch dock, and enter the main interface.
Step 2:  Connect the Controller to the Switch dock with a Type-C cable.
Step 3:  When the controller indicator is on, press the A button to connect. When the connection is successful, unplug the Type-C cable, and the controller can automatically connect to the console.
Step 4:  When the console is off, press the HOME button to reconnect in wake-up mode.

Video Instruction:

0 thoughts on “SW8581 8585 8580 Pro Controllers for Switch Activation Instruction

  1. Everett Lindsay says:

    I’ve followed all the steps required for wireless play, but my controller is still unable to connect wirelessly. I’ve looked up several ways to get my controller to connect, but none of them have worked. Could I have some assistance? I’m using the 8580-A (V1.2) model (I think? That’s what the user manual that came with the controller says at the top)

  2. Rodrigo dos Santos says:

    Testing the new releases of NSO expansion pack, I realized that my nook pro controller rumbles no-stop on n64 games… I’ve seen owners of other brand controllers complain as well. Is there an firmware update planned?

    • STOGA says:

      You only need to wire the controller to the switch host, follow the steps to upgrade, and then you can connect to the switch lite.

  3. David says:

    I’ve tried this and it still doesn’t sync without the cable. I’ve connected it and pressed the A button, then when I take it off to sync it doesn’t do it. I don’t know what else to do.

    • STOGA says:

      Wired link is required for the first connection after the upgrade
      Then it can be connected wirelessly

    • STOGA says:

      Can you show me how you do it? If it is determined that the problem is with the controller, we can replace you with a new one.

      • Jacob Edwards says:

        i have followed all the steps in the video and my controller will not connect. the lights flash for a few seconds when plugged in then stop, no matter what button i push.

  4. Ridolfo says:

    I have two Stoga Wireless Controller 8581 and a Switch Oled with the latest software. I can’t connect both controllers to my switch no matter what method I use. What’s the solution here? thank you

  5. Racoon says:

    I got the animal crossing controller from Amazon and can’t connect it by usb or wireless when following these instructions to connect via the dock. What now?

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