STOGA 60% CNC Aluminum Case Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming, thanks to their deeper key travel and clicky sound that makes smashing those buttons fun while playing games. Stoga’s CNC Aluminum Case Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is currently one of the best choices in the market. The combination of great build quality and great functionality makes this keyboard a great choice for PC gamers.


About Stoga

Stoga is an established brand that makes some of the best gaming accessories for PC, consoles, and switches. Some of the top gaming accessories they make include gaming keyboards, controllers, and mice.


Key features

  • CNC Aluminum casing for more durability
  • 4GHz Bluetooth for seamless connection
  • RGB lighting
  • Programmable keys
  • Connects with up to three switchable devices
  • Supported by both Windows and Mac.


Why the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

  1. Great built quality

This keyboard has an aluminum casing which makes it look more premium and durable than most mechanical gaming keyboards that are usually made of plastic all through. If you are someone who minds about built quality, this keyboard is for you.


  1. It has swappable keys

In case you want to replace keys in an event of failure or you just want a different kind of keys, Stoga makes it pretty easy to do it. The keys of this keyboard are all mechanical and pretty easy to pull out and replace whenever you need to.


  1. Connects with multiple devices

This keyboard was designed to connect to up 3 devices simultaneously. So, you can switch between different devices with ease. If you are someone that works with multiple devices, this feature is very handy and will make your life a lot easier. You no longer have to manually connect the keyboard every time you switch to another device.


  1. Customizable RGB lighting

If you are a gamer, you know how much RGB lighting can enhance your overall gaming experience. The RGB lighting on this keyboard is customizable, so you can always assign red, green, or blue to the keyboard section of your choice.


  1. Great value

Another reason why you should choose this keyboard over any other mechanical gaming keyboard on the market is its price. It costs $199, which is below the average for most mechanical keyboards with the same built quality and features. This price may seem a little high for an ordinary keyboard, but if you are looking for a well-built gaming keyboard with premium features, this is one of the cheapest options you will have.


  1. Extra functionality with the FN combination

You can add more functionality to this mechanical keyboard using the FN key. With the FN combination, you can program each key to play an extra role when you press it in combination with the FN.


Final thoughts

Stoga’s CNC Aluminum Case Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great choice if you are looking for a well-built keyboard with high-end features. Yes, it may not be the cheapest gaming keyboard that Stoga makes. However, what you get for the price is worth the extra cost.

0 thoughts on “STOGA 60% CNC Aluminum Case Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  1. Tamim says:

    This STOGA 60% CNC Aluminum Case Mechanical Gaming Keyboard looks great! I especially like that it is made of aluminum for durability and has customizable RGB lighting. The fact that it can connect to up to three devices is a big plus for me as well. At $199, this keyboard seems like a great value compared to other keyboards with similar features.

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