Invitation to become our brand ambassadors

I’m Shawn from Stoga. At the moment, we’re inviting influencers to become an integral part of our marketing campaign. My team and I will carefully examine the contents you produced and pick the most creative and popular influencers to work with. The contents include but are not limited to articles, posts, videos, and ad banners.


Suppose you are interested in our brand’s offer, after a positive acknowledgment we will outline all the terms and conditions and clarify all the details. Such a creative and well-thought approach resonates with our brand, and it benefits the both sides. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to become one of our paid brand ambassadors.


Perks of being a Stoga brand ambassadors:
  •  Receive free products before their public launch
  •  We promote your contents on our social media and website so your audience will also grow
  •  You’ll be invited to exclusive events (sometimes we fly out Stoga influencers to different locations for photo and video shoots)
  •  Your own personalized affiliate link where you’ll earn a percentage of every referred sale


If this sounds interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me at or fill the form at this link.


Have an inspiring day!


Shawn Lin

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