C25 Wireless Joypad Controller – What makes it Different?

Are you a Pc gamer, or a Nintendo Switch lover, and looking for an excellent wireless joypad within the price range of $50? If yes, you’re on the right page. This write-up is all about the Stago C25 Wireless Joypad Controller. It is equipped with all the latest features that you mostly get in other big brands like Sony and Xbox. So, without any further ado, here are the specifications and features of this budget-friendly wireless joypad.

What makes it Unique?

 The C25 Wireless Joypad Controller weighs around 300g which is pretty normal for a Joypad. With this pad, you are not going to face any hurdle while non-stop gaming. Its dimensions are 66*122mm with a massive 8m range. This massive range allows you to play while being anywhere in the room. The C25 has a 300mah that allows you to enjoy non-stop gaming for 8 to 10 hours. It takes a couple of hours to get fully charged with a Type-C cable, included in the package.

Now, let’s dig deeper and have a complete look at some of the prominent and state-of-the-art features of the C25 Wireless Joypad Controller.

Gaming + Comfort

The C25 Wireless Joypad supports 3 usage modes including tabletop, handheld, and TV. The tabletop mode lets you play in a comfortable position while the controller is detached. Here we are talking about Nintendo Switch. In handheld mode, the controller is connected with the Nintendo Switch. And, you can also connect your wireless controller with a TV or monitor in TV mode. This 3 in 1 mode availability makes C25 a great choice in its price range.

Dual Vibration

The C25 offers a standard double vibration feature that provides haptic feedback. This haptic vibration feedback provides a truly magnificent feel to the gameplay and you find yourself more comfortable while playing.

Multi-Functions Availability

Nowadays, Multi-Functions are pretty common in almost every wireless controller. The C25 offers three different functions including a host wake-up function, a 6-axis gyroscope function, and a dual vibration function. All these functions take position control, speed, and accuracy to a whole new level. The wake-up host function doubles the speed of the game that results in more entertainment and fun.

Speed Accuracy

You can customize the macro buttons of the C25 Wireless Controller. This feature not only improves the speed and accuracy but also results in more wins. All you have to do is set the macro buttons in your most comfortable position. Moreover, customizing the M button brings massive improvement in your gameplay. You can also utilize the special turbo function to ace in FPS and TPS games.

A User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly design is all about the maximum comfortability level. The C25 Controller is quite good in this regard. It has a comfortable design along with a solid grip that lets you play for several hours. You don’t face any tiredness or fatigue at all. That’s the beauty of this joypad.

If you’re looking for a lot of features, performance, and durability in a budget-friendly range of wireless controllers, this is the best one to get right now.

C25 Wireless Joypad Controller

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