Best Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

When a new console comes out, many specialist companies will inevitably deploy a plethora of accessories for it, especially when the console in question has excellent sales like the Nintendo Switch. Today, we offer you a small analysis of a wireless controller directly from STOGA for the hybrid console. With its design inspired by the Nintendo Pro controller, the Panda Pro controller for Nintendo Switch already has everything to seduce the most nostalgic among you. But what about the rest?

Panda Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

For all of you who do not get along well with the Joy-Cons of the Switch or are simply looking for a higher quality controller, we present you with the best alternative here. Playing with Joy-Con in some games is very hard and it’s clear that if you really want to be competitive, you have to play with a real controller. This is what the STOGA Cooperation offers with its Panda Pro controllers sold for less than $40.

Panda Pro Controller Brand Manufacturer

STOGA Cooperation manufactures high-performance gaming controllers. There are plenty of professional and casual gamers alike who choose its accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs.

Panda Pro Controller Features

High quality: Apart from the Joy-Cons, the Panda Pro Controller is the most popular input device for the Switch and the benchmark by which all others have to measure themselves. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest switch controllers under $40. But you also get a high-quality device that is well suited for most hand sizes.

Handy Design: Besides being lightweight, it also has the benefit of reducing fatigue during extended usage. Another advantage is that thanks to their ergonomic shape, they sit much better in the hand. There are also inexpensive handles for the Joy-Cons, but they cannot change the key layout. The stick and buttons are significantly further apart and are therefore more pleasant to use.


Long battery life: What the Panda Pro Controller has ahead of other controllers is a long battery life of up to 10 hours in-game mode. While most of the cheaper competing products only last 2 to 5 hours.

Additional Turbo Key: Like all the other Switch controllers, you will therefore find the Home button, the button that allows you to take screenshots, and all the other classic buttons. What makes this controller so special is the turbo button, which can be easily activated for any button on the controller. In addition, two programmable buttons are located at the back, allowing you to record a sequence of a dozen keys. 
Reason to Purchase

For a price lower than the official version, the Panda Pro controller is an excellent purchase that will allow you to play on the Switch console as well as on PC. Its ergonomics, the quality of its finish, the aesthetics of its lines and its colors, and finally its little side like the turbo button makes it an excellent investment.

The Nintendo Pro Controller may be more expensive than some competitors, but thanks to the high build quality and impressive battery life, it is well worth the money. It is particularly recommended for those who use the controller frequently and want to do without the Joy-cons if possible.

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