Our History

My wife and I are electronic engineers and have always been geeks at heart. We were super excited when we had our first son Nick back in 2013. Ever since Nick was a young boy, we would spend every weekend together as a family playing video games. By the time he was 7 years old, Nick already was very interested in Switch and PS4 games following in the footsteps of his gamer parents. There was one ‘small’ problem though…his hands are a bit too tiny (and cute) for gaming!

We’ve spent time searching for a controller of the right size and function but have come up short. Most controllers on the market are either too large, bulky, or ugly and do not work for Nick. Our little guy has always loved animals, however, after our trip to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC in 2017, our son fell IN LOVE with everything pandas! He asked Santa to get him a panda for Christmas, but the best we could do is take him to all of the zoos in the US which have pandas.

Keeping Nick’s adoration of pandas in mind, we were inspired to design a controller that both looks like a panda and fits his smaller hands. Last year, we took a trip to Sichuan, China for Nick to see the world-famous “Chengdu Panda Base” and also to visit some gaming accessory manufacturers. After visiting many factories and doing QC checks, we finally made our dream a reality – a truly affordable and adorable controller, in terms of size, feel, material, and performance. We like it very much and think that you will too.

We named our brand STOGA, which is a far-away planet full of monsters, aliens, animals, heroes, and villains along with many other cute creatures which we can imagine but have never actually seen. I now incorporate these into the design of our joysticks and other gaming accessories so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy & adventure with the creatures of STOGA.