STOGA Mecha Series Wireless Controller for PS4-Red


Step up your immersive gaming experience with STOGA wireless controller compatible with PS4 (PlayStation 4). Play with extreme responsiveness from across the room, and switch thumbsticks rapidly with a reasonably comfortable grip. The 8-way directional pad makes it is possible for you to benefit from the Mecha Series-Red PS4 controller. The standard for game-play has been uplifted with this highly developed controller. The fun-looking Mecha Series- Red wireless controller is a must-have in your gaming accessories collection.

Features and Details

  • [Shocking Boot Sound and Lighting] The wireless controller takes players through the game by giving you the ability to sense the action of the game in your hands. The strong vibration can be felt during high-intensity moments like explosions and shootings. It also has integrated breathing LED lights that take the gaming experience to the next level. The feature of a dual built-in speaker and the light bar is the best way to interact with games.
  • [Perfect Compatibility] The wireless controller is designed to be widely compatible with PS4. The shape of the controller provides the gamers with added grip which is exactly what you want to get the right aim. The sensitivity of analog sticks and trigger buttons are all the reasons why STOGA wireless controller is a worthwhile investment. It supports every kind of game out there!
  • [Full-Function PS4 Controller] The high-performing STOGA wireless controller comes with full functionality. It has the kind of features that give you the possibility to redefine the game experience. The 8-way directional pad with a clear click feeling gives appealing symmetry to the layout, and it is especially best for players with larger hands. It has a high sensitive analog stick and ultra-responsive Pro Tact switches that help you to play with rapid motion and accurate control. The four advanced gaming buttons used in the wireless controller make the performance more effective.
  • [Ergonomic Design] This wireless controller is designed with ergonomics, providing players with a comfortable experience in all games. In addition to this, ergonomic design gives players access to buttons without limiting movement. It is structured in a way that perfectly fits in players’ hands enabling them to play for longer hours without feeling tired. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy gaming while having the freedom to move around.
  • [Precision Control] It provides gamers with the ultimate control over the games. The latest sensor technology with an integrated 6-axis gyroscope, along with high-sensitivity buttons allows players to have control of their favorite adventures, and other games. The constant evolution in analog sticks in STOGA wireless controller has enhanced the unparalleled accuracy with every move. This feature makes it suitable for children as well as adults.

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