STOGA Pink Panda Joypad Controller for Switch

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Another masterpiece designed by STOGA, Pink Panda Joypad Controller is an exceptional wireless controller for Switch that gives you the ideal gaming experience.

If you’re in love with wireless controllers for Switch but hate the hefty prices then Pink Panda Joypad Controller will certainly meet your expectations. It combines performance and design in one controller. This amazing controller offers a great balance between cost and performance. It costs a lot less than Nintendo’s Pro Controller without compromising the quality. Pink Panda Joypad Controller is wireless, USB-C rechargeable, and has motion controls as well. For casual gamers who want to enjoy Switch games at their fullest, the Pink Panda Joypad Controller is a great option.

Let’s explore a bit more about the features of this amazing controller.

You can watch the video demo of this exceptional controller here.

What Pink Panda Joypad Controller Has To Offer?

Incredible Versatility

The Panda controller is designed for travel, it can even fit in a little pouch. Besides, it is good for every hand size especially for kids because of its cute design and color combination.

Pink Panda Joypad Controller is light in weight and has a substantial design. It features solid buttons and analog sticks that are found to be even smoother than most of the third-party Switch controllers. Pink Panda Joypad Controller gives you the freedom to play comfortably and provides a tangle-free gaming experience. It provides a stable and reliable signal with no drop-outs or lags within the range of almost 10 meters. With more advanced and dedicated technology, this controller won’t allow other wireless devices to interfere. This Stoga Wireless Controller is ideal for racing, shooting, and running games.

Plug And Play

Pink Panda Joypad Controller brings ease of use to its users and has a very stable connection with an incredibly quick response time. Users can expect a stable signal and it can automatically connect with the Switch. Another feature is that you just need to slide the Joypad controller to the switch console. There’s no need for technical knowledge to master this joypad. With this controller, you’re just a click away to get started playing your favorite games.

Appealing Design

The design of the Pink Panda Joypad Controller is inspired by pandas and is a recreation of the Panda Wireless Controller. It is made of non-slippery solid plastic that makes it easy to hold. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a perfect wireless controller for the family, kids, parties, or even as a gift to a gamer friend.

As Good As Any Other Switch Controller

Pink Panda Joypad Controller supports programmable Macro Buttons. It means that you can combine the functions of every single button with another button, just according to your gaming needs. You can also combine functions of all buttons to a single button (M) which lets you fight quickly and easily while playing action games.

Pink Panda Joypad Controller features a Turbo button. It allows whatever button you’re pressing to activate in the next possible frame. In simple words, it makes winning easier. With a battery capacity of 400 mAh, 3 hours charge time, and 10 hours of playtime, this Panda wireless controller for Nintendo Switch is like a wish granted for gamers who love to play long gaming sessions.

Supported Games

Pink Panda Joypad Controller is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. After installation, it allows you to play every single game even on a Nintendo console. You can easily play multiplayer games with your friends and family while sitting comfortably on your couch or bed.


  • Feels fantastic in your hand
  • Easy To Master
  • Quick Response
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Cute Panda Design and Color
  • Affordable Price


  • Not For Competitive Gameplay
  • A Bit Small For Some Users


When you are going to buy a new controller for yourself, you first need to decide which factors and features you want in the controller. Sometimes, you prefer performance over design and vice versa.

Pink Panda Joypad Controller meets every need of a gamer as it is beautiful in design and provides optimum performance to better suit the games you want to play. This $39.99 wireless controller justifies its price with the features and versatility it offers.

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